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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Svekolnik (Russian beetroot soup)

"Svekolnik" is originated from Russian cuisine and it is great soup for a hot summer! Try to use sweet and deep red beetroot for achieving beautiful color. I use different greens for this soup-coriander, parsley, celery or even beet tops and spinach-it's up to you. My favorite is with coriander-I just love the smell and taste! You can also add in potatoes boiled in skin, peeling and cubing them. Some add in sour cream for extra taste.
2 medium sized beetroot
3 eggs, hard boiled
A bunch of greens (I love coriander)
2 medium sized cucumbers
500 grams of natural yogurt-"Qatiq" or "Suzma"
200 ml of clean drinking water
Salt to taste
Put beetroot in boiling water and cook until soft or half soft (to your taste). Let them cool completely. Peel off the skin and cut in medium sized cubes. Cut cucumbers in smaller cubes. Chop up greens.
Finely mix yogurt and water. Add in beetroot, cucumber, greens, salt and mix again.
Serve putting egg halves on top.
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. Thank you so much!!!! I love it!!

  2. please put more recipies, like how to cook lagman,

    1. I have the recipe of lagman here:)Look in the Pastas section

  3. Katta va katta rahmat mana bunaqa ilhom keltiruvhchi ovqatlar uchun, sizni blognizni kurib chetda juda xursand bulib ketdim va sizni recept buyicha bolalrga va oilamga ovqatlar pishirib beraman, juda odamni xursand qildingiz,
    Omadizni bersin va bizning baxtimizga soq buling va yangi ovqatlar bilan biz xursand qilavering :)