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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My cakes!

I must say that nowadays cake business is well developed in Uzbekistan. Cake decoration is one kind of art today and I also tried to make some for my dear ones:) These cakes were baked and decorated by me and the ideas are also mine. All decoration in my cakes are eatable. I use special candy dough for making figurines.
This one was baked for my nephew for his first birthday party. I made fruits out of my marshmallow paste.:

This one was for my little one for her first birthday:

Next cake was baked for new year party:)

For my husband's birthday:

Another party cake "Pyanaya vishnya" Which is "Drunk cherry" cake:)

"Graffskiye razvalini" which means "Ruins of a duke" :)

"Ptichye moloko" cake which means "Milk of a bird":

My favorite cheese cake with strawberries:

Cake for my honey pie for her 5th birthday party. She loves "Finding Nemo" and watches it almost everyday:)

Cake for my party:

Hope you enjoyed my post:)


  1. klassno ! bilobi eshe lut4she esli vi bi dali recipe of Milk of a bird cake ))))

  2. Aleksandr, no big deal, I will post the recipe:)

    1. Can you please u post the receipe s

  3. assalom aleykum, can u also post recipe of graffskiye razvalini please

  4. Kamola, sure, that's one of easy and delicious recipes, I am always lazy about cooking it, as my oven is even lazier than me:) But now I have a request, so I will cook it soon and post the recipe. My husband just loves it! He will thank you for your request:)