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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obi non (Simple bread with water)

This bread is usually baked in so called "Tandur", but I make it in the oven also:)
It is easy to make, and always turn out to be good and tasty.
Ingredients for 6 "Obi non"
500 ml of lukewarm water
2 tsp of salt
1 package of dried yeast
Plain flour
Some seeds for sprinkling
Very few oil for brushing
In a lukewarm water dissolve salt and add in yeast. Gradually add flour and make soft dough. Cover the dough and let it rest for 2 hours in warm place. After, divide the dough to 6, put on a baking sheet, flatten each and stamp in the middle with "chakich" or a fork. Sprinkle some seeds. Let it stand covered for another 20 min, they will rise again. Bake them in preheated oven until golden red. Take from the oven and brush them with oil. They are good while hot and fresh! Serve immediately with some butter and honey. Enjoy!
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. Hi Malika, I have a question about obi non and sutli non. I really loved Tashkent non when I was in Uzbekistan and did not so much love the Samarkand non. It seems that most of the bread people make at home tends to be of the more dense, Samarkand variety. From your pictures it looks like the obi non is closer to Tashkent that the case? I guess I can try both of these to find out, but I thought you might have some insight.


  2. Sarah, you are right, obi non is not dense it is more puffy than other breads. But it depends on your oven and quality of the yeast. My oven is real trouble, but somehow I manage bake my cakes and breads there:) If you have nice oven you will get really puffy bread from this recipe.

  3. Вы не подскажете, чем отличаются уй-нон и оби-нон? У Махмудова в книгах оби-нон выглядит более плоским и широким, с маленьким бортиком.

  4. narakeshvara, хлеб все пекут по разному, но в основном оби-нон выглядет и готовиться так как в моем посте. Уй нон также может быть разным, а какой уй нони вы имеете ввиду?

  5. Жаль, что уведомления из блогпостов не приходят.

    Оби нон я почему-то представлял себе так:

    А вы сами из Ташкента или другой местности? Говорят, в Ташкенте нынче в моде пышные лепёшки, как у вас.

    Уй нон знаю только по скудным описаниям из научно-технической литературы по хлебопечению, сам не видел. Вот здесь их представляют такими:

  6. А вот мои версии:

  7. narakeshvara, я из Ташкента и да вы правы у нас оби нон выглядет именно так, а на счет уй нони по вашей ссылке, это тоже самое что и оби нон.

  8. This sounds so delicious, how much flour did you use and exactly what was the weight of the yeast packets that you use for the 6 obi non? I would really like to make this. My mom used to make it for us and also there are some places in Brighton Beach NY, but I live away from my mom and NY. I would like to make this for my kids. They love it. thanks

    1. There were times when I didn't measure the flour when making bread, but for my book I started carefully measuring the flour for each type of the bread. This post is old, so I din't put the exact measurements for the flour. Now I can tell it:) 7 cups of flour and approximately 2 Tb of dried yeast. Hope you will be happy with the results:)