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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yog'da qaynagan baliq (Fish "boiled" in oil)

In Uzbekistan fish dishes are more popular in regions which are situated in the basins of rivers Amu Darya, Syr Darya and also around many reservoirs. For example, only in Khorezm region more than 35 species of fish are known, where as you can guess a lot of different ways of coking fish. One of my favorite recipe is deep fried fish. I love the crunchy skin and the soft meat which is juicy and just yummy!
For this yummy dish, it's better to choose smaller fish, that can be fried whole. You will also need deep pan for frying. Fresh fish is preferable.
1 fish for one person
Freshly ground pepper
10-15 tbsp of lemon juice
Salt to taste
Plain flour, just for coating fish
About 2 liters of oil for deep frying
Finely clean fish and wash all over. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cut along 3-4 times.

Put fish in deep bowl and pour lemon juice evenly over it. Cover and let it stand for 1 hour.
Finely heat the oil in deep pan. Put fish on cotton towel and finely rub to get rid of any liquid. Roll the fish over flour to cover all over evenly. Now carefully deep in to the oil and fry until fish is nicely cooked.
Serve with fresh vegetables and enjoy!
Yoqimli ishtaha!

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