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Friday, October 14, 2011

How to make different shapes for buns

This post is about how to make those different shapes out of dough, to make your buns look beautiful and tempting:) These are just some varieties, but you always can "invent" your own way. These are not my own inventions, I have learned them from different sources:)
So, how to make this gorgeous heart?

This is how: Roll out small portion from the dough, grease the surface with butter, sprinkle some poppy seeds or cinnamon and sugar.

Now roll it around itself:

Fold this log in half and cut the middle:

Open up the edges to outer side, and voila! You have your heart shape:

How to make a rose:

Roll out the small portion of dough, grease with butter, put poppy seeds or any other filling you like right in the middle. Cut 4 lines around it:

Start folding the edges, making sure that center part is open, just fold them one on top of another:


Make the same log as for rose. Don't fold it. Just cut the log along lengthwise:

Now fold these two parts, making spiral:

Now you know how to make all these beautiful shapes!

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  1. Thank you! I will give these a try! They're so enticing.