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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gushtli manti (Manti with meat)

This is one of our ancient and famous recipes, from first bite you'll be in love with this meal:) When I cook Mantis even "my nothing eater" daughter enjoys them. She says "mommy cook Manti everyday".
I must tell that, in original recipe you must use fat of lamb's tail, but I understand that not every where you can find this kind of fat, so sometimes I use olive oil instead of lam's fat. But know that you must rather use lamb's fat, because it has own aroma and taste, your Mantis will be juicy, delicious and very nourishing.
We cook Mantis in our special dish- Mantiqozon, but you can use simple steam cooker.
300gr of mutton, chopped in very small cubes, or minced
70 gr fat of lamb's tail cut in medium sized cubes(or 3 tbsp of olive oil)
2 onions, chopped
Cumin seeds, ground pepper
Salt as taste
For dough:
200 gr of water
1 tbsp salt
1 egg
Sour cream
Chopped coriander leaves
Mix salt with water, slightly beat the egg, add in water and make dough,cover it and leave it for 15 min
Mix meat, onions, salt and all spices
Roll the dough in very thin flat round, cut in to the 2x2 inch square pieces. Don't worry if they are not in same size:) Put in every square 1 tbsp of meat, and 3-4 cubes of fat. Pinch the corners diagonally, and again pinch the edges. Place Mantis in steamer and cook over medium heat for 40 min.
Serve with sour cream, and chopped coriander leaves. Mmmmmm yummy:)
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. I love manti! My grandmother when visiting us from Russia one year brought the special manti cooker and we made them all together. We didn't have lamb's fat though and must have just used olive oil. That's very interesting to note though that the lamb's fat makes it better. We ate the cooked manti with sour cream and also with a Georgian adjika / tbilisi that was delicious!

  2. Avocadopesto:) I give the original recipe here, which meant adding lamb's fat. But Olive oil is also great substitute for lamb's fat. I also usually make "Manti" with olive oil or clarified butter, so it's O.K. And they will surely taste great too:)

  3. Malika clarified butter is that regular butter?

    1. Dear, clarified butter is "purified", "boiled" butter. In order to make clarified butter, one should cook it over medium heat. Fine butter will turn to dark yellow liquid and there will be sand like excesses, which are also suitable for eating. Butter, clarified in this way, can be kept for a long time and tastes much better:)

  4. I like it, I love it, I want more of it!
    This was great! Thank you! :)

    1. A.N, that was a really positive response:) Thank you darling!!!

  5. Thank you Malika. :)

  6. Hi, I would like copy some text from your blog. I am going to do that for my application. I will refer to your blog in my application so you will have more visitors. :)
    Waiting for your answer.

    1. Yes darling as long as you refer to my blog I am fine with you using text from my blog:) Thank you!