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Monday, December 3, 2012

About measuring...

Hi everyone!!! Happy December to you all! I believe everything is fine and fun with you. Today, I want to talk about one mistake in giving recipes, I hope you don't mind:)
Many people ask me, why I don't give exact measurements for the flour to my dough related dishes. I agree that it is my biggest mistake. I decided from now on, whenever I cook that type of the dishes, I will carefully measure the amount of flour. I never measured the amount of the flour, as I always concentrate on the softness or hardness of the dough. I add flour gradually, more at the beginning, less at the end, mixing and kneading it each time with my hands. At the beginning, the dough is very runny, but gets thicker each time as I add flour. Usually I make medium hard dough, which means it is not sticky, not too soft and not too hard. You can easily press your finger in it, but it's not sticky. I understand it is hard for beginners, but by time you will see, you will also stop measuring the flour:)
This, not measuring thing, is giving me a big problem with my book also, as now, I have to cook all those dishes once again, just to make sure that the recipe is exact. It is easier with dough dishes, as most of them have the same dough recipe, which is usually water, salt and egg.  I am concerned with breads!!! They are all different, which makes my husband happy:) I have about 20 -25 different bread recipe to bake. Ooouuff, my poor figure:) so many calories are awaiting for you:) Otherwise I can't put that unperfect recipes to my book. Wish me luck, oh no no, wish me patience with my plan!!!  I am so hoping that one day I will finally hold my book in my arms...


  1. I am sure you will have your book :).. Good luck!

  2. hi malika. great to found ur blog. I was wondering where I can find uzbek recipies. I was in moscow for several years. Tried many uzbek food as that's the most delicious food in moscow :-D

    as I moved to another country, sometimes I missed how delicious uzbek cullinary.

    You save my life o_O

    1. You're mostly welcome my dear! Let you be enjoyed with these recipes:) I will be only happy to be helpful!