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Monday, September 19, 2011

So, so, so busy with a lot of projects!!!

Hi there my dearest followers and readers! I just want to say sorry for such a rare posting in these days! I have done so many work and there was no time to make myself sit and write something. I have finished a lot of sewing projects, I will show them later in my second blog which is here
When I start some sewing project, I don't like to be disturbed:) I cook fast and easy recipes, often "cook in no time" meals:)I can't sleep well until I finish my project, I am so inpatient to see the result:) Now, I also have at least 6-7 projects in my mind, can't wait when I will finish them:)
I am sure you will understand and support me! I just want to say that I am here with you and will continue posting Uzbek recipes!
With a lot of LOVE and CARE, with a big HUGS,

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