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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to make "pishloq" or "tvorog"

I love my home made "pishloq"/"tvorog", as it is tastier and safer, as I know how I made it:) This kind of cheese exist almost in every cuisine and has different names like ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, panir and so on. In Uzbekistan it is mostly called "tvorog". Choose very fresh and natural milk for this purpose, otherwise you won't get anything, but a mess!
for 150 grams of "tvorog"
1 liter of milk
2-3 tbsp of fresh lemon juice or white vinegar
Salt to taste (optional, as I usually don't add any salt)
Heat up milk, over medium heat, until small bubbles will start to appear:

Immediately set the heat on low and add in lemon juice. Stir unceasingly. Milk will start to curdle. When milk is finely curdled and you can see that yellowish whey, take from heat and immediately pour the mixture over cheesecloth and let all the whey to drain. You can keep the whey for another purposes if you want.

Your "tvorog" is ready to eat now. If you want to make harder cheese, then hang up that cheesecloth for about 30 min and then keep you cheese in cold, clean water in a glass jar.

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  1. I make my own tvarog, too. Called tvarog in Poland also. I have relatives from Poland and relatives from Belarus. Very easy and tastes so much better than store bought. I also use what we call here in the US raw milk (fresh - not homogenized or pasturized).