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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Qozon kabob (mutton crock pot kebab)

There is an easy way to bring my husband home(he is a big workaholic)- I just say that today is Qozon kabob for dinner:)He rushes home as soon as he hears this:) He is the person who tries my new recipes and always encourages me:) I want to thank him for his support and help, as without him I couldn't have done any of my artwork. I cook my meals with love as I know that I have my main and biggest fun at home:)Now the recipe.
Actually this Qozon kabob is prepared with the fat of sheep's tail, but I understand that it is hard to find this kind of fat everywhere, so I replace it with olive oil. But if you can find this kind of fat then cut the 300 gr in stripes and just put it to the bottom of your crock pot(thick pot with the heavy bottom), no other oil needed. And you don't have to melt it, just place all ingredients, put on a small fire (no water is needed) close the lid and just leave it for 1.30 hour. After check and carefully mix everything and leave for another 30 min, be careful as it can stick to the bottom in this stage. Now the recipe with an olive oil.
1.5 kg of mutton
250 gr of olive oil
250gr of water
salt as taste
Cumin seeds, fresh ground pepper, ground coriander
Pour an olive oil in pot(or the stripes of lamb's tail fat), place the meat onto it, pour one glass of water and then put on the fire. Let the water to boil, reduce the heat, cover the pot and leave it for 30 min. Open the lid, see if all water is gone, if not replace the lid and continue to cook. After all the water is dissolved, just stir carefully, and fry until golden. Add in salt and spices. Sometimes I add potatoes in this kabab, in this case u should put potatoes just 20 min before the kabab is ready.
Serve it with onion sliced in circles and mashed with 1 tbs of vinegar. Yummy!
Yoqimli ishtaha:)


  1. I envy your husband. I like your recipes. Good blog!

    Persian Meals - ペルシャ料理

  2. thank you very much
    thanks to you I can make uzbek food to my husband.he is uzbeki but I'm not. so I really need ur recipes. I made qozon kabob and he really liked it. by the way can u tell me how to make medovik cake. he says he like it but I couldnt find the recipe. thank you very much

  3. thank you very much.
    can u tell me the recipe of uzbek cake called medovik if I'm right.

  4. I have recipe of medovik here,
    There are many recipes of medovik and I am not sure which one is the favorite of your husbands, we also have lighter one and with more layers. If you need, I will post recipe of the lighter one, just tell me.

  5. Malika,first of all I would like to thank you very much for doing this great job. Your blog is awesome. I found your blog just couple of days ago and was so amazed. Today I have tried Qozon Kabob that was posed by you. It turned out really good, and my husband loved it. Tomorrow I want to try hedgehog dolma... I'll text you about it tomorrow... Thanks again!!! :)

    Lobar :)