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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to cook "Qazi" (horse meat sausages)

"Qazi" is sausage made of from horse meat with unique taste. It is considered as "strong" or "hot", nutritious meal and usually is eaten in winter times. It is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, scleroses, and people who suffer from stomach problems like gastritis and gastric ulcer. Qazi is hard to find in many places, as horse meat is usually consumed mostly by Central Asian countries.
In Uzbek cuisine there are several dishes made of "qazi" and the most famous among them are "Qazi palov" and "Norin". Lately I will post the recipes of these dishes. For starters, I would like to explain how to cook horse meat sausages.
1 stick of "qazi"
3.5 liters of water for boiling
Put "Qazi" in cold water. Bring water to boil, but just before the boiling point, punch "qazi" all over with a thick needle (punching with needle will prevent "qazi" from cracking and tearing) below shown the stage when you have to pinch your "qazi":

When you done with pinching, scoop out all the foam, lower the heat and half cover the lid. Let it simmer for 3-4 hours depending on a size of your sausage, if it is small, then it will be ready in 3 hours, if it's big, it will take around 4-5 hours to cook. Usually 3 hour is enough. Time by time turn "qazi" on other side, to make sure it is cooked evenly.
When "qazi" is properly cooked, take out from pot and let it cool down. Make sure that it is chilled before slicing or it will crumble. The broth can be used for cooking "Qazi palov" or for cooking soup out of this broth.
When "qazi" is completely chilled, slice thinly, serve with vegetables or with meal.
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. Thank you for this , it reminds me the sweet moments of my childhood in Tashkent.

  2. da, davnenko ne el kazi.

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  4. it's not only uzbek meal, it's kazakh too

  5. wow!!! I have a stick of horse meat sausage in my freezer now! at least I know how to cook it!!! yeayyy!! Thank you!!!