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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Navruz!!!

Hi everybody! Happy "Navruz" to everybody!!! I wish you strong health, happiness and luck!!! May all your dreams come true!!!
I am so sorry that I am inactive in these days:) I am busy with my other works, especially with my "Sumalak". This is the ancient and one of the truly national dish of Uzbek's that is cooked only for "Navruz"! It takes exactly one week for preparing it! 6 days for growing wheat and 1 day yes one whole day for cooking! It took us 16 hours to prepare this dish with my husband. But it's worth it, it is so yummy, better then any quality chocolate!!! And very useful too. So yesterday I was busy with cooking it and of course celebrating "Navruz" our national holiday! "Navruz" means new day, it is believed that it brings, new life, happiness and joy to our lives. It is very long history to tell why and how it was and it is celebrated, so I am giving you just a look for it:) I promise that I will write about it detailed:) later in my book:) Today I am posting only the picture of "Sumalak" and later the recipe and technique:) Today I will post the recipe of another "Shashlik,kabob". So here is my "Sumalak"

Usually "Sumalak" is eaten with fresh hot bread, but I also like it with strawberries:) I wish I could give you some of it, so you can try it:) Any way you can enjoy it if you try to cook it:)


  1. Mali, post the sumalak receipe please. Is any wheat grain will do or is there a special kind? Thanks. NK

  2. You can do it any organic wheat grain, soon I will surely post the recipe, just it is so long process, that I am getting lazy to write about it:)

  3. The presentation of the food was so inviting. I had tried like that in Tajikistan before.