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Monday, March 22, 2010


This "Shashlik" is very tender to bite and good for children. I used yogurt for marination and I think this is the best thing for marination of meat as it will soften it well. You need just plain, not sweet yogurt.
1 kg of meat (lamb or beef)
250 gr yogurt
Salt to taste
1 tbsp of ground pepper
1 tbsp of coriander
1 tbsp of cumin seeds
Cut the meat in small pieces, place them on bowl, pour all the yogurt on to it and add salt and spices. Mash with hands or forks. Cover it with plate, put some weight on it and place it in the fridge for at least 6 hours or better for overnight.

The next day take out the meat and pinch them to a special sticks. Place some lamb's tail fat by turn.

Now cook them over heated coal until brown and then serve with some salad:)

Enjoy this delicious ever meat:)
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. Hi, I was in Uzbekistan last September and I love the food variety of your country. I host friends tomorrow and I am trying this one recipe. My question is about the yogurt? What am I doing with the remaining yogurt of the seasoning? Can I make a sauce? My email is
    Dimitrios Machairidis from Athens Greece

  2. Dear Malika,

    Instead of throwing it away I used for making a sauce with mustard and olive oil. Cooked for some minutes in a saucepan and then served as a side dish for seasoning the kebab. It was an exciting dinner inspired from a very beautiful country, Uzbekistan.

    1. Dimitrios that was a great idea actually! Thank you for that!