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Friday, August 20, 2010

I get pessimistic today:(

My dear followers! I understand that each of us is very busy person and there is no time for extra attention and leaving comments on every blog. But, I want to tell that, creating this blog was fun for me and it was a sign of altruism, as I wanted to share recipes of Uzbek cuisine with you. I don't get any profit from my blog, I don't sell anything or don't ask money for my recipes. But when I see sometimes my recipes or pictures in some other blogs without referring to my blog's address, I get upset and think maybe creating this blog was a mistake. Sometimes I also think maybe I should just delete my blog,sorry :( Yeah, I get pessimistic sometimes:) Every person would like to see appreciation for his work.
I hope you will understand me and don't get me wrong:)


  1. I'm not an Uzbek myself, but I really enjoy reading the recipes you post here. You invest a lot of time and effort into putting things together, and I really appreciate your dedication. Cheer up and keep up the wonderful work :D

    -- Julieta

  2. Dear Malika opa,
    Though I am not a good cook, I have to admit that your blog is very useful for me! Especially for people living abroad it helps to try to cook sth missed very much.. sth which reminds home..
    Thank you for spending your time writing about Uzbek cuisine!
    Please, keep it up!

  3. Thank you my dear ones for such a support. This kind of appreciation will surely help me to continue my job:)

  4. Please don't feel discouraged, Malika! I enjoy reading your blog too even though I also am not Uzbek. We know very little of your culture so it is wonderful to have a blog like yours explaining things in English. I hope you'll continue :-)

  5. Thanks Patty, knowing that my blog is interesting for people cheers me up!

  6. Malika!!! Don't get pessimistic. I often read your blog. Also, I recommend it to my non-Uzbek friends. Recently, my Mexican friend cooked lag'mon from your recipe!
    Don't stop blogging! You're a very creative cook!

  7. Dear Malika,
    Thank you for all work you've done and doing with your blog. Personally for me it's inspirational, it keeps me in the loop, esp. the days when I just can't make up my mind about what to cook for dinner or lunch.
    Everything looks so delicious and I bet it tastes great as well ! My husband and daughter really love our Uzbek cuisine and for me every meal is like a little bit of home. Thank you for such a wonderful job and cheerful and thoughtful attitude.

  8. Romashka and Sevara thank you! I was posting very rarely in these days, because thought that my posts are not interesting as I get no comments, but after this kind of support I will surely get my enthusiasm back:) Thank you once again!

  9. I am a Turk living in Europe. Your recipes and this blog is to me, a living, spiritual connection with my homeland... It is not easy for Turks in Europe and I have been attacked for being Turk by many people. Please, never take this blog down. As I write this to you, I cry. You remind me how beautiful our culture is and the great cooks of Turkic people like Uzbeks, Uyghurs etc. It is so beautiful culture that I would never hide it to save myself from racism in Europe. I love you all Turk people in Uzbekistan and if you ever come to Europe, my home is open for you like it is your home... I hope one day I will return to Turkiye and even better, come visit Uzbekistan. Believe me, we Turks from Turkey admire you and look up to you for our origins. Tanri bless you all!


  10. Fatih, thanks a lot for such a sincere comment. Try to take life easier, don't be pessimistic. I know how it is to be musafir in another country and try to see only good things around me. I also LOVE my homeland and there is no place better for me. I don't know if you have a family over there or not, but if you do, try to have more time together and BELIEVE that you will be happy no matter where you live!

  11. you guys better use gotovim & i think anyone won't still your recipe don't worry

    1. is very great site, I loved recipes over there!!! Thank you for sharing xoxo. And about my recipes-I am worried because I already saw my pictures in some sites, so that's why I got upset (if not referred to my blog):)