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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Again "Sumalak":)

Hi everyone! I am so happy that I am back here:) How are you? Hope everything is great on your side! Todays post is again about "Sumalak". Spring is the right season for this dish and so, I usually got many comments and emails about "Sumalak" during this season. I am so delighted when my readers send me their photos with the "sumalak" they cook and I really appreciate that they give me a lot of kind feedbacks! I want to say thank you to all my readers! Thank you for your comments, appreciation and your photos!
First of all I want to show you the photos of my wonderful reader Nadira. Her sumalak turned out great! It looks great and she said it tastes great too!

Here's what she wrote to me:
"Thank you for your wonderful recipe! I made Sumalak at home and My Sumalak turned out so yummy and beautifully! My family enjoyed! I really love your blog! 
PS: I want to show the photo of My Sumalak to you. Where can I post the photos! Thank you so much! May Almighty Allah bless you and your family! :-) "
 "Now I am sending My Sumalak photos to you! It tasted really great! Thank you so much for your amazing Sumalak recipe once again! May Almighty Allah bless you and your family! May all your dreams come true! :-)
Best regards,
Nadira :-))"

Thank you Nadira for your appreciation and photos! 
I noticed that Nadira added some walnuts to her "Sumalak" instead of stones. I can tell you that the walnuts in "Sumalak" taste really nice! I also noticed those home baked breads in this photo, I bet Nadira baked them along with "Sumalak", they look yummy too! Nadira you did a great job!!!
I myself been cooking "Sumalak" for three years now. I try to cook "Sumalak" every year, just in 2013 I didn't cook it, because I couldn't find the right wheat for my "Sumalak" (we were outside of Uzbekistan). There is saying in our culture that when you open up your "Sumalak" at the very end (when it is done after closing the lid) the picture on the surface of the "Sumalak" can predict the future. I don't know if it is true or not, but I never could guess the meaning of pictures in my "Sumalak"s :) Here I am posting the photos, I will ask you to guess what it might be telling:) 
Here my "Sumalak" in 2011:
In 2012:
In 2014:
Ingredients and the cooking methods were the same, but as you can see, every time the picture turned out different:) 
This year I didn't planned to cook "Sumalak", I thought I would buy it from local markets. But after trying about 20 different "Sumalak"s , I decided to cook it myself, because I couldn't find the "right" taste that I like. This was my first time cooking "Sumalak" in Uzbekistan! 
My wheat sprouts were so beautiful, it was pity to cut and grind them:) 

While cooking I recommend to stick newspaper all around your stove. "Sumalak" will bubble a lot at the end, so paper will make your work easier-you will not be mad wiping out those sticky dots on your stove and nearby walls:) 
 And one more tip: Cook your "Sumalak" with lots of LOVE, that's how it turns out great and yummy!!!
And finally me :) while cooking "Sumalak" (don't mind my look, I was tired and it was midnight:) )

That's all!: ) Our "Sumalak" turned out so yummy and thick! Better than any chocolate!  
Thank you for your time! 
With a lot of joy and happiness, 


  1. Thanks,, your blog made my day,, I will use your blog always

  2. Assalomu Alaykum! Thank you so much for posting my Sumalak photos on your blog. I just found it! :-)
    Yes, you are right about the walnuts. I used the 7 walnuts instead of stones. After cooking Sumalak, we enjoyed the walnuts too. I baked some Uzbek breads to eat with Sumalak.
    It took 14 hours to cook Sumalak and after opening, I took a photo of the first looking of Sumalak. That is a photo which posted on your blog.:-))
    Currently I am in Seoul, South Korea and I made my Sumalak here. It was hard to find wheat here, but InshaAllah, my lovely hubby helped me a lot! (May Almighty Allah bless him!).
    Your Sumalak and Wheat Sprouts look yummy and beautiful!
    It was my first attempt at making Sumalak and your amazing recipe helped me a lot!
    Thank you so much once again and May Almighty Allah bless you and your family! :-)

    1. It's a great pleasure getting these kind of sweet comments...Thank you all!!!

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