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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Okroshka (Cold soup with chopped vegetables and meat)

"Okroshka" is basically belongs to Russian cuisine, but in Uzbekistan it is not prepared with kvass (so called bread drink), we prepare it with yogurt and water. It is good hot summer days as it will satisfy your thirst and very nourishing.
2 potatoes, boiled in skin
2 eggs, hard boiled
1 medium sized cucumber, cut in cubes
200 gr of boiled meat or sausages, cut in cubes
A bundle of coriander
A bundle of dill
Salt to taste
300 ml of plain yogurt
200 ml of cold, pure drinking water
Cut potatoes, eggs, cucumber and meat(sausages) in small cubes, chop coriander and dill. Mix them in a deep bowl. Sprinkle some salt. Mix water and yogurt finely in blender. Pour this mixture over meat and vegetables, taste to saltiness, add some more if needed. Your cold and delicious soup is ready to serve now! Enjoy and be healthy!
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!

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