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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oq osh

"Oq osh" is very tasty summer soup, you can serve it as cold and as hot, I prefer it cold, especially in hot summer days:) You will also need plain yogurt which is also important to this meal. This meal seems to be light, but it is very nutritious and healthy, besides it has a good source of protein which is good for vegetarians. It also rich in iron, minerals and starch.
100 gr of rice
100 gr of mungbean
100 gr of small white beans
Plain yogurt for serving
Some dried basil (optional)
Put white bean separately in cold water, bring to boil and cover the lid, cook on a low heat until beans are soft and then add some salt. In another bowl put mungbeans to cold water, bring to boil, half close the lid and let it simmer until bean is soft, then add in rice and continue to cook until rice is also ready and soft, add some salt. Now drain all the water from white beans, and add them in mungbean and rice, mix together and taste for saltiness, add some if needed. Now serve to separate bowls and add 2 tbsp of plain yogurt to each bowl, sprinkle with dried basil, mix together well and enjoy!
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!

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