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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sarimsoqli tovuqli palov (Pilaf with garlic and chicken)

Today I cooked "Sarimsoqli tovuqli palov". It is very useful palov, it helps to get rid of different parasites from the body, as garlic is the strong cure for people who suffer from this kind of problems:) Besides it is tasty and nourishing.
140 gr vegetable oil
400 gr of chicken
2 onions, peeled and sliced
400 gr carrots peeled and cut in long thin strips
4-5 whole garlic, cleaned from first layer
400 gr of rice
1 tbsp of ground coriander
Heat up oil, put all the chicken, fry on a high heat until golden. Add in all the onions and carrots then reduce the heat. Close the lid of the pot and cook for 40 min. Open the lid, and fry on a high heat until oil start to separate. Put in washed rice, then place 4-5 garlic on top of the rice, pour enough water to cover the rice for 1 inch. Let the water evaporate on a high heat, after all the water evaporated, reduce the heat on very low and cover the lid. After 20 min, open the lid and mix only top of the rice carefully, you can take out garlic heads while you are mixing rice, then put it back. Again cover the lid and cook for 10 min more until rice is ready and soft. Take from the heat, take out garlics, then mix the pilaf finely. Serve and put chicken and garlic on top of the pilaf and enjoy this delicious and useful meal!
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. this looks soooo yummyyyy! i like your blog! good job!

  2. Thanks Rahimochka for your warm comment:)

  3. Hi Malika,

    The dishes seems so delicious. I once tried Uzbek style palov and it was amazing!

    By the way, there is something that I like about your website. that is, being able to understand the Uzbek names of the dishes :) Well... I say Balıklı pilav (Baliq palov), Macunlu pilav (Ma'jun palov - I guess "ma'jun" means "paste"?), Elmalı pilav (Olma palov),... so on.

    hmm... why am I writing them under the "Sarımsaklı tavuklu pilav"? Because this is what I want to try next :)

    Thanks for the recipe and take care...

  4. Ayshe, cok teshekkurler! Afiyet olsun!!! Eger suravlariniz olsa, har zamon hazirim.

  5. We had this for dinner tonight. It was delicious. Thanks for the recipe!