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Monday, December 28, 2009


"Haplama" was used by Ibn Sina (Avicenna) as a cure for people, who suffer from fatigue or anemia. It is given to pregnant women, as it will help them to be strong and have an easy delivery. "Haplama" very easy to make and most importantly, 100% natural dessert. Make sure using fresh and quality ingredients. Makes 1 dozen of "Haplama"
200 gr walnut
200 gr black raisin
4-5 tbsp tbsp of honey
Crush walnut and raisin (in a food processor or by hand) in very small pieces. Put them in a bowl. Add in honey and finely mix all of the ingredients. It will be crumbly, but sticky. Wet your hands in cold water and form small balls. Usually, in this stage, it is ready, but for more dramatic look, I roll this balls over coconut flakes:)
Eat 2 balls of "Haplama" every day, if you want to be strong and beautiful! Sog' buling! (Be healthy!)
Yoqimli ishtaha!!!


  1. So interesting, I love the foods history explainations on your blog, thank you :) I made this dish today, it was so quick. Do you now that in western countries such "energy balls" are big in fashion now? :D

    1. Hi Yulia, yes I am aware of the healthy bio food trends in the West) I personally try to follow the same trends. However, sometimes I fail when it comes to consuming sweets)