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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yumurta barak (dumplings with eggs)

Today I am making "Yumurtabarak"/"Tuhumbarak". This meal is mostly cooked in Khorezm region and it is one of the famous and loved dishes in there. Taste of these dumplings are very specific-like very fluffy and moist omelet. It is usually served with yogurt sauce, but sometimes can be served without it.
Now the recipe:for 6-7 people.
For dough:
250 gr of warm water
1 egg
2/3 tbsp of salt
Plain flour
For filling:
10 eggs
10 tbsp of milk
10 tbsp of butter
Salt to taste
For sauce:
500 ml yogurt and 3 tbsp of sour cream, salt.
Slightly beat an egg and water, add in salt, mix well. Gradually add in flour until you will shape medium hard dough. Cover and let it rest for 15 min. Then roll up the dough thinly, but not too much or else it will tear up when you will pour the filling in it. Cut round shapes with a help of some small bowl or with round cutter. Pinch the edges forming half moon, leaving the space in the middle, where we will pour our filling.
Now prepare the filling. Finely beat up 10 eggs,add in melted butter, warm milk and mix well, add salt to your taste.
Now boil the water in big pot and add some salt. In another large bowl prepare sauce: finely mix yogurt and cream, add about 300ml of boiling water, add some salt and stir well.
Take one "Yumurtabarak", hold in your hands, open it slightly and pour filling in it, usually, I use my old ketchup dish for pouring the eggs in to dumplings.

Finely pinch edges, because if there will be some hole, all your filling will poured out.
Now boil "Yumurtabarak"s in boiling water. Ready "Yumurtabarak" will float on surface and will be hard when you punch it with fork, put your ready "Yumurtabarak"s in sauce and cook the rest of dumplings.
Enjoy it:) Yoqimli ishtaha!!!

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